Frequently Asked Questions

Posted On: Thursday, February 08, 2018
By: dmakimd

1.  When do practices start for Spring?

Answer – All of the teams begin practice on March 1st.

2. How do I sign up?

Answer- You have to register on line. You can find the link on the front page of this website .Each student must be academically eligible. Every student must have current ( 1 year) on file with the athletic director. Please hand your forms to the athletic director prior to March 1st.

2.Who do I contact if I want to try out?

Mr. Phiilips for Baseball      bphiips@bcps.org

Mr. Peck for Softball              kpeck@bcps.org

Ms. Elliott for Spring Cheer     telliott2@bcps.org

Ms. Marinelli  for Girls Lacrosse       kmarinelli@bcps.org

Mr. Foley for Boys Lacrosse            rfoley@bcps.org

Ms. Albanese  for Allied Softball       kalbanese@bcps.org

Mr. Robbins for Coed Tennis    jrobbins@bcps.org

Mr. Tran  for  Outdoor Track       ktran@bcps.org

3. When do teams have practices?

Answer –  Every day after school usually ending around 5 or 5:30  pm . Each coach will hand out a schedule.

4. When can I meet the Coach?

Answer- Parents/ Guardians will want to attend our “Meet the Coach” night on 3/14/18.



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