Varsity Club

Posted On: Monday, September 18, 2017
By: digitalsportsnews
Mission Statement
The mission of the Varsity Athletic Club is to provide support for the Athletic Program, through volunteer activities by student-athletes committed to the growth and improvement of all teams, sporting events and facilities at Dundalk High School and to continue a long standing tradition of athletic excellence. To provide an opportunity for social interaction among student-athletes from all sports while working together for the betterment of the program and through enjoyable activities.
To assist with the activities of athletic events and to provide a service to the school and community through efforts to improve the grounds, facilities, and the entire athletic program. To provide input into program improvements and the policies that governs the athletic program.
To assist with the set-up and clean-up for games, admissions, tickets, special accommodations at fields, cleaning and painting of facility equipment, event staffing for tournaments, involvement in the Hall-of-Fame, Club trips and social gatherings.
All student-athletes that have earned their varsity letter, are currently on a varsity team and in good standing with the school, and meet the academic requirements (2.75 GPA), are eligible to join the Club. Members will be expected to perform volunteer service for events and special activities to assist in the operation and communication of the athletic program.
Eligibility Requirement
Varsity Team Member
Head Coach Nomination
(2) Teacher Recommendation (Reflects behavior in a classroom setting)
Overall GPA of a 2.75
Improvement in the Athletic Program through involvement
Community Service Credit
Service Points for Social Activities
Admission to All Home Athletic Events
Varsity Club Clothing



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